Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's the home stretch!

My internships are about to be finished. I feel like I just started! Maybe that's because the more we work on ArtsFest, the more I realize needs to be done. Isn't it funny how that happens? Planning for this year happened very early, so things should be on task. I'm sure they are, and maybe I'm just feeling anxious because I only have a week and a half left.

Before I return to DC, I have to put the info about ArtsFest on online calendars hosted by local tv/radio stations, magazines, and newspapers. Maybe that's why I'm so worried about these last few weeks. Publicity.

Publicity is such a huge part of planning any event. You can book the best acts, serve the best food, etc.,but if no one knows about the event. . .it's a flop. I feel like the events that we have planned this year are bigger and better than years past, but we have GOT to get on the ball with publicizing them. We're on the right track now, but I'll be nervous about when I leave for DC and I'm not here to work on it.

I think that's the most frustrating thing about summer internships. You do all this work, then POOF, you leave. For me, I think it's even worse, because I won't get to see the finished product. I have to leave in a week and a half, yet the festival isn't until October 7-10.


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