Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First day of work!

Yesterday was my first (official) day working with CAFTA! I attended a meeting with my supervisor (a CAFTA board member) at an elementary school to brainstorm with public school art teachers. The ArtsFest programming always involves some kind of participation from K-12 students in the city. We met with these teachers yesterday to talk about having an exhibit of their students' work downtown during this year's festivities.

For most K-12 art teachers, time is always limited. They may only see students once a week, so I was worried that they might not be thrilled about being asked to take on a somewhat large scale project like this exhibit. To my surprise, they all seemed excited about it! That was a relief! It will be so great for the kids to have their art shown at the festival!

Today, I moved into my office for the summer. I feel so lucky, because I was generously offered work space at the City Development and Planning office in the middle of downtown. It will be a lot easier for me develop relationships with businesses and potential ArtsFest venues because I'm so close to them!

Everything is going great so far, except for one little thing: I'm missing DC terribly. I lived in Arkansas for 21 years, so don't get me wrong: I love it here. It's a beautiful state, and the city of Conway is developing a great arts scene (which is why I chose to work here this summer).

But. . .I miss businesses that are open 24-7. I miss having a fun FREE activity every night.

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